25 June 2020

Each Wednesday, Science Teacher Mrs Eastham will provide an extract relating to a topic and ask pupils to find an interesting fact about this topic or person. The challenge is open to pupils in Years 7-10 and the winner will be announced the following week.

Thank you for all the really interesting facts that you found out over the last week relating to DNA. There is enough DNA in the average person’s body to stretch from the sun to Pluto and back - 17 times. The science department have voted for the most interesting fact and the winner is...…..

Jack W in Year 8 (R8) & Jamie C in Year 7 (H6) who both told us ...

"99.9% of the DNA in all human is identical. It is the tiny difference that allows us to be individuals. With a DNA test, you can find out which world regions your ancestors may have lived in hundreds to thousands of years ago, e.g. British, Nigerian, or Scandinavian!"

This week's challenge is: Climate Change.  Climate change is a change in the usual weather found in a place. This could be a change in how much rain a place usually gets in a year. Or it could be a change in a place's usual temperature for a month or season.  Tell us an interesting fact about climate change.

​​Email your fact to Mrs Eastham at v.eastham@priory.lancs.sch.uk with 'FACT OF THE WEEK' in the header.

Deadline the next Tues, 30 June.  Winner announced on Wednesday. Good luck!