20 August 2020

Holly was the highest achieving girl at Priory – celebrating nine Grade 9s alongside a Grade 7. 

“I am absolutely shocked,” said Holly. “I am excited as well.” 

Holly wants to go to Runshaw College and study Maths, Further Maths, Biology and Chemistry.  

“I love Science and Maths and want to study medicine in the future. It’s hard to believe. It has been a difficult year with Covid-19 but it’s turned out well.” 

Head Boy Colin Chan celebrated eight Grade 9s and three Grade 8s – including an 8 in Astronomy. 

“I took Astronomy a year early last year and got a Grade 6 and I was a bit annoyed at that. I wanted to improve, I am happier with an 8,” said Colin. 

“I was surprised with a few of my Grade 9s but I am pleased. 

“I want to go to Runshaw College and study Biology, Chemistry, Physics and Maths.” 

Colin has regularly played the piano on open evenings at Priory and is a Grade 8 pianist. 

“I think, when I get to university, I might teach piano as a part-time job. I want to be a researcher/scientist in the future.” 

Head Girl Sasha took her time in opening her results – but she eventually did! 

“I got them but I didn’t want to open straight away, I was worried I would cry. I was going to open them walking home but they eventually persuaded me to open them here.” 

She was glad she did as she celebrated five Grade 8s and three Grade 7s. 

“I didn’t think I had done that well at all. I am relieved.” 

Sasha, who has done a lot of charity work during her time at Priory and won the inaugural Sam Pegram Character & Culture Award last year, wants to go to Runshaw College. 

“I will study Law, Politics, History and English.” 


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