14 September 2020

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Welcome to Mr Owen who has joined the English Department at Priory – and his hobby is baseball!  
Mr Owen spent three summers working in the USA on summer camps and got addicted to baseball there.  
“I love all sports and I enjoy writing about sports; I have my own baseball blog. I also support Leeds United!”  
Mr Owen studied Politics at the University of Leeds.  
“I have always enjoyed analysing language. English is a great subject as it pulls on multiple aspects of society: history, politics, economics and more.” 
Mr Owen has been reading science fiction over lockdown and has easily settled into life at Priory.  
“I have absolutely loved it so far, it’s such a positive environment to work in. I love meeting all the pupils and finding out about their different personalities. It’s fantastic.”  
Head of English, Mrs Gidden said: “We are delighted to have Mr Owen here. He is from the Teach First programme, who I have mentored for in the past, and he has slotted in beautifully. He is brilliant to work with." 


Tell us what your plans are for the English Department this year, Mrs Gidden

I have big hopes for the English Department this school year.  
“Mrs Robinson-Ali is back so we are in the process of making sure all the new schemes of learning are running the way we want them to. We feel it’s the dream team working together again! 
“We have plans to do the speech, poetry and bookmark competitions again and we are hoping to take the Year 7s on a trip to a real castle as they are learning through ‘Escape from Kraznir’ and we want them to see actual drawbridges and dungeons.  
“We also have the Brilliant Beginners award for those Year 7s who have made a good start.”  

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