23 September 2020

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Over the summer, Year 7 pupils were tasked with challenges from the English, Maths and Science departments to prepare them for their high school years ahead. 

Assistant Head of Science, Mrs Massey, was very impressed with the pupils’ science work and wanted to share some of it with the rest of us.   

Mrs Massey commented, 
“The cell models were some of the best we've seen; I can tell we have some top scientists here already!  I was very impressed with their work.  The booklet covered units that pupils will learn more about in Year 7 so they have put themselves ahead of the game.”

TASK: Get Ready for Biology.  
Cells are the building blocks of all living things.  Make a model or create a presentation about cells.  You can choose any type of animal or plant cell. 

Mrs Massey chose five cell models that stood out and were particularly creative with their materials.   

Maddison S, Thomas M, Jake L, Daniel McC, Kacpur G (not pictured) were all given Science KS3 study guides and achievement points as a reward for their work.  

Well done to all the Year 7 pupils that completed the summer tasks.

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