23 November 2020

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The Head of Year 7, Mrs Bullock, has now begun her maternity leave.  In perfect timing, Mrs Farley, returns from her maternity leave to resume the role from 1 December.  

For the interim week, Head of PE Mr Bullock, will look after any matters concerning Year 7.  On the occasion that he needs to start his paternity leave early, leadership for the year group will be taken on by the pastoral team.

Mrs Farley will also continue as Transition Manager and Mrs Crank will remain in charge of all in-year admission enquiries until further notice.

On her return in September, Mrs Bullock will lead Year 8 thereby continuing to take care of the pupils she knows best.  

From Mon, 23 Nov - Mon, 30 Nov -    
Mr Bullock can be contacted at m.bullock@priory.lancs.sch.uk

From Tues, 1 December -         
Mrs Farley can be contacted at l.farley@priory.lancs.sch.uk

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