16 December 2020

The Blood Brothers workshop on Tuesday was wonderful! The actors talked with such knowledge and passion about the characters and Russell's inspiration for writing the play. 

Year 11 received great hints and tips about characterisation; context and writer's purpose and they were also good fun to chat to. We did get a little bit star struck as it's not every day you get to talk to a West End veteran! Year 11 asked some fantastic, thought provoking questions too.

This is definitely something we will look at in future years. 

Thanks to Stage Ed and the Year 11 pupils for their effort, appreciation and enthusiasm. We have now finished the Blood Brothers unit but Year 11 are expected to revise until the exam in June. We have gained access to other previously unseen footage, as well as interviews with Willy himself to aid our revision right up until the day of the exam. 

We're so lucky!

Tags: English