4 February 2021

Year 8 had a great day participating in the Wellbeing Day. They kept me up to date with what they were up to during the day. The range of activities that the students took part in was incredible. We had some wonderful cakes that were baked, books that were read, dogs that were walked and playlists that were created. One student even did a 360 degree virtual field trip of the White House in Washington. Students played board games with siblings, did some mindful colouring, created a vision board for their future and made pitta pizzas for lunch.

The day gave the students the opportunity to focus on developing new skills but it also allowed them time to reflect and this quote from one Year 8 pupil certainly shows that other lessons were learned...

"One thing wellbeing day has taught me, is to be grateful for the people around me." Harry 

Well done Year 8 for making the most of Priory's Wellbeing Day!

Colouring by Harry C
Cakes by Alex W
Solar System by Luke B
Pizza making by Jack J


Mrs Bailey
Head of Year 8

Tags: PSHE