23 February 2021

This week Year 8 have started their new topic of Plate Tectonics.  This is always one of the most egg-citing topics and for me, and one of the highlights of the Key Stage 3 curriculum sequence. 

Volcanoes and earthquakes have always evoked awe and wonder in students and every year we have fun designing earthquake proof buildings, volcano models and constructing jigsaws of Pangaea and the Earth’s tectonic plates. 

This week, students were offered the opportunity to use a hard boiled egg to help model the structure of the Earth; consisting of the crust, mantle, outer core and inner core.  There were some superb entries, and here are two of the entries we received.

If pupils would like to learn more about volcanic eruptions, why not read about the current eruption of Mt Etna on the Italian island of Sicily.  There are some spectacular photos to be seen and this will give you some prior understanding of volcanoes before we study them this term. 

Click the CBBC Newsround link here to read more about Mount Etna's eruption - 


Happy reading,

Mr Metcalfe
Head of Humanities

Tags: Geography