15 July 2021

A fantastic day out!

Year 10 Geography field trip: Wycoller. Written by Emily B, Erin W, Laura B, Violet S & Olivia D (Year 10)

29 June 2021

Water way to end the term

Year 9 and Year 10 Geography pupils have had the opportunity to complete the first of their fieldwork skills trips by visiting the Wycoller Beck and investigating river theories studied in class. 

5 May 2021

Geography are writing river-ting poems for their GCSE

Year 10 have been studying rivers as part of their GCSE course and preparing themselves for their adventure out on compulsory fieldwork in the coming weeks.

23 February 2021

Year 8 Geography: A cracking good job!

This week Year 8 have started their new topic of Plate Tectonics.

22 October 2020

Geography's all a big game to year 7 pupils

Year 7 pupils were playing games in Geography – with a twist as they learnt about the movement of water within the Earth and the atmosphere.