20 April 2021

Governors are volunteers who work together with the executive leaders of the school to set its vision, ethos and strategic direction.  They hold the executive leaders to account for the school's educational and financial performance for the good of all pupils 

Clerk to the Governors, Mrs Spencer tells us, "Community Governors are invited by the current governors to join the governing body. Community governors bring their own experience and skills, and can act as a link with the community in which the school serves. These governors usually live or work in the community of the school area and are committed to the good government and success of the school."

Here we meet Alex, a community governor who joined Priory's governing board earlier this year after being invited by the Chair, Mr Kevin Burke.

Introducing himself to the Priory community, Alex begins, "For ten years, at an early stage of my life, I dedicated my time to travel around Europe to experience the local culture and learn other languages. I have a passion for English and Italian, French being my mother tongue. I am a passionate linguist and it is now settled in my way of life." 

"Since I moved into the UK thirty-one years ago, I put these languages skills at great use. I had the opportunity to work for many British corporations in Global Finance and International Trade Import/Export. 

"Today, I provide my services as an International Trade Development and Documentation Officer to the North & Western Lancashire Chamber of Commerce. It is an exciting and busy time for our local exporters as the UK is now independent from Europe.

"My wife has been a MFL secondary school teacher for more than 25 years before she retired. Let’s say that I have been groomed into the British education system all that time! I have had a great interest in modern education for years which has allowed me to assess, make comparison or similarity between different teaching procedures and cultural approaches.

Alex ends with, "As a linguist, I would like to think that I could give to pupils ten strong key reasons and benefits in learning modern foreign languages nowadays. I believe that it would greatly contribute to their personal development, self-confidence which would take them to places that they thought were not possible." 

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