8 June 2021

Summer was unable to get to the hairdressers when they were all shut due to Covid-19 and so grew her hair to her waist.   She then had it all chopped off for The Little Princess Trust and cut to the style she always wanted. 

“I had my hair cut around two years ago and it was at my shoulders then,” said Summer. “I couldn’t have my hair cut during lockdown so I just decided to grow it as long as I could. 

“I started doing some research about what I could do with my long hair and found The Little Princess Trust which make wigs for children who lose their hair. 

“My hair was brown and I put it into two plaits and had it cut off. I had always wanted a short style and I love it. It feels so different. 

“People are sometimes afraid to have long hair cut but I say go for it as it does make you feel better and it helped that I donated mine to a good cause. 

“I dyed my hair pink for my birthday recently. I love the new look!” 

Mrs Holland added, "Summer has done a fantastic, generous and a very thoughtful thing so that another young person will benefit. This is a true representation of the Priory Standard and a positive way to end her time with us. I wish Summer well in her future path and hope that her acts of kindness continue."


Tags: Learning for Life