15 December 2021

Following Debate Club's discussion with Mr Eastham on Monday, he has taken on board pupils' views regarding coats in school and made the following amendments to the school's policy.  These will be reviewed later in the academic year.

Pupils said that they would like to be able to wear their coats between lessons at this particular time of the year, when it is cold and raining – and heightened by the fact we have windows and doors open around the school to try to keep ventilation as good as it possible can be.


  • Pupils will be able to have their coats with them during the day now rather than having to have them in their locker, if they so wish.
  • Coats can be worn when travelling between lessons.
  • Coats must be removed when sitting down at the start of the lesson and must not be worn in lessons.

As we approach the summer term, this will be reviewed and we will revert back to our ‘coats in lockers’ rule once we feel the weather is warmer and there is no longer the need to wear coats around school when travelling between lessons.

Humanities teacher, Miss Ackers, who leads the Debate Club added, "I’m really proud of the pupils and how they put their ideas forward to Mr Eastham. I can tell they really enjoy the club and I can’t wait to see how their skills improve next year! Thank you to Mr Eastham for attending the session, listening to the pupils' views and taking on board what they've said."

Tags: Extra Curricular Humanities