10 January 2022

Emily is one of our Cool Readers and likes fantasy books with a dream of being an astronaut! 

One of our other Cool Readers, Thomas, said he would like to work for NASA so his idea is to build Emily the rocket or space suit to help her career! 

Emily, in Year 8, is currently reading Earthsea by Ursula K Le Guin. 

“It’s a fantasy world, about wizards and dragons,” said Emily. “My favourite books are fantasy ones as you don’t expect things and they are so different to real life. 

“I love these books and I also like the Eragon series which is about dragons.  

“I love reading but I also like technology, I like creating things and this gives me options such as architect or artist. 

“I do paint in my spare time, usually fantasy animals. 

“My ambition though is to be an astronaut or a space scientist. I remember in reception class learning about the stars and planets and it’s always fascinated me. All those millions of miles and you don’t know what’s out there.” 

Tags: English