12 October 2022

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Year 7 - Friday, 4 November

Here's your first opportunity to come and join in some making and baking fun.... 

On Friday, 4 November you are invited to come and make some Greek cheese pies called Spanakopita - mmmm cheesy!

The workshop is FREE but there is only 15 places. 

To sign up, pupils should send Mrs Cowell a message on Teams chat. If you get one of the places, just turn up to the food classroom in the Technology block on 4 November at 3.10pm. It is essential that you make arrangements to be picked up at 4.30pm and bring a lidded box (big tin or lunchbox) to take your pies home in.


Year 8 - Thursday, 10 November

It's British Pudding Day at the beginning of November (9th to be precise) and to celebrate, Mrs Cowell is offering a FREE workshop for 12 pupils to make six sticky toffee cupcakes each to take home. 

British pudding traces its origins to 1305 where the word ‘pudding’ was derived from the Middle English word ‘poding,’ which meant a ‘meat-filled animal stomach.’

What is the difference between pudding and cake?

A cake is always something sweet served that is eaten with a fork. However, a pudding can be sweet or savoury and is usually eaten with a spoon.

The session is free but there are only 12 places up for grabs which will be given to the first Year 8 pupils who contact Mrs Cowell via Teams Chat.  

If you've got a slot, just head to the Food Tech room after school finishes. Please let Mrs Cowell know in advance if you have any allergies or dietary requirements, and make sure you have organised your safe travel home for 4.30pm.

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