12 May 2022

Through the key hole... Year 10 Languages

This week in French, it was round two of Galette cake making for Year 10.

25 March 2022

Mothers' Day Cookery Club

Mrs Cowell invited Year 9 & 10 pupils to join her for a Creative Cookery workshop where they baked cakes for Mother's Day.

23 March 2022

Year 10 Languages class get a taste of royalty in Food Tech

Year 10 have been baking 'Galette des Rois' as they begin their next topic of Festivals and Celebrations as part of their GCSE French course. 

16 March 2022

British Science Week Bake Off

Thank you to everyone who baked and supported the Science department's bake off in celebration of British Science Week.

10 February 2022

Year 8 Cookery Club celebrate National Pizza Day

Year 8 got a pizza the action when they attended Mrs Cowell's Creative Cookery Club.

28 January 2022

Year 7 cookery club celebrates Burns Night

Mrs Cowell proved that food is fun when she invited Year 7 pupils to join her for the Burn's Night-themed Cookery Club.

5 December 2021

Year 9 Food Tech gets in the festive spirit

Christmas had come early in the Food Technology room when Mrs Cowell invited Year 9s to take part in her after school Christmas-themed cookery club.

5 November 2021

Sparks flying in Food Tech for Bonfire Night

There were sparks flying in the Food Technology room when Year 8 took part in the after school Bonfire Night-themed cookery club. 

22 October 2021

Spooky goings-on in Food Tech

There were some spooky goings on last night in the Food Technology room when Mrs Cowell invited Year 7s to take part in her after school Halloween-themed cookery club. 

19 July 2021

Food Tech practical lessons ingredients update

From September, we would like to change to a system where school organises all the provisions and pupils bring their finished item home.

9 February 2021

Shrove Tuesday

Food technology teacher, Mrs Cowell, tells us about its history and how to get your flip on!

16 December 2020

Christmas fun in Food Technology class

Year 9 have been making peppermint creams in class this week as a fun end of term activity.

25 June 2020

The great Priory cake off competition

We had every colour of the rainbow as Food Technology teacher, Mrs Cowell, challenged pupils and staff to come up with their most kaleidoscopic baked masterpieces for her Cake Off competition.