10 November 2022

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We have been so unlucky to experience such heavy rain over the past fortnight. The pathway of the Ribble walk is very muddy, and in parts under water, making some of the 2km stretch too dangerous for hundreds of pupils and staff to use. 

Pupils, parents and staff have been amazing in helping us raise several thousands of pounds in sponsorship. We are so proud of the pupils and how the momentum for sponsorship has really gained a significant pace since the half term break. 

There are many individual parents who have been fantastic, taking sponsor sheets to work, parents walking around their local communities asking for sponsors. Thank you so much for your efforts, we send our thanks out to you. 

The pupils in Mr Watters' form, H4, have sacrificed some of their time to go round the school encouraging groups. A quick thanks also goes to Miss Ackers' Learning for Life group who went from the proverbial 'zeros to heroes' with their fundraising over the previous weekend. 

We will publish current sponsorship totals for each Learning for Life group and year group later next week. 

There are many individuals who deserve praise for their outstanding contribution to date and this will be celebrated in a full school assembly.
We have now postponed the walk until Spring as it will take a couple of consecutively drier weeks to make the route safe and then, of course, we head into winter. We will inform pupils and parents when a new date has been set.

The Assembly Hall has served us very well for the past 70 years and pupils' fundraising efforts so far will go a long way to developing it for school and community use. 

We look forward to celebrating completing the walk in the Spring, collecting in the remaining sponsors, and handing out individual and collective prizes.

Thank you for your understanding and continued support,

Mr A Watters
Lead Teacher for Geography
Walk Organiser

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