23 November 2022

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Here's what our Cool Readers Club is all about...

These are our reading stars put forward by their English teacher.  We interview them about their current book, what they like reading about and what they like to do when they’re not reading.  Introducing Lewis...

Year 9, Lewis, enjoys action books and is currently reading a book in the series by best-selling author Chris Ryan. 

Lewis is reading the final one in the ‘Special Forces Cadets’ series which is ‘Assassin.’ 

“I read the blurb and was interested in this book,” said Year 9 Lewis. 

“I like action and fiction. I don’t really have a favourite author just a favourite type of book. 

“My favourite subjects at school are geography and history. Out of school I like playing football and I am a Manchester United supporter. 

“In the future, I would perhaps like to do something with computer technology.” 

Mrs Gidden added, "Lewis is a keen reader and writer and a joy to have in class. Well done, Lewis! "

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