28 November 2022

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Priory’s love of reading is showing in that they already have Word Millionaires in Years 7-9 – even though it’s only November! 

Jacob R has hit the millionaire jackpot in Year 7 and he is so enthusiastic about reading. 

“I love fantasy books and my favourite author is Rick Riordan. I read when I can, in school and at least 20 minutes every night. 

“I was happy to be a Word Millionaire but now I am only 100,000 words off making the two million mark!” 

Year 8 Jessica achieved millionaire status last year and has done it again! 

“I think I have read over 30 books so far this term,” said Jessica. 

“I like books from the Victorian era, reading about poverty and life back then so I enjoy books by Jacqueline Wilson. I like history and art in school.” 

Year 9 Emily is a Word Millionaire for the third consecutive year. 

“I am always determined to become a Word Millionaire every year as soon as I can!” said Emily. 

“I like books on sci-fi and also Greek Mythology, I enjoy the Percy Jackson series. I read every day.” 

Head of English, Mrs Gidden said: “We are very big on Accelerated Reader and Renaissance at Priory, it’s a massive foundation of our library and how it runs. 

“We have got all Key Stage 3 children carrying reading books and Accelerated Reader is improving their reading. 

“It also means we can put pupils in line with their chronological age so they are reading at the correct level. 

“At Priory, we have an hour in our curriculum just to read and it’s benefiting everyone.
“We even have a ‘Chocs and Socks’ sessions so that classes can bring in comfy blankets and socks to get used to associating reading with relaxing. 9E3 have been our trial class for this and are now our stars!” 

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