10 February 2023

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This morning the House of Commons came to Priory as the MP for South RIbble visited the school.

MP and Women’s Minister, Katherine Fletcher, was warmly greeted by Vice Principal Mrs Cowell and pupil ambassadors who were keen to meet the member of parliament.

Katherine was happy to take part in a Q&A session with our pupils. Prior to the visit, the Humanities department and Debate Club pupils had put together a list of questions that pupils could pose to Katherine about her work as an MP.  

Lead Teacher for Personal Development, Mrs Hopes, said, "The session was ideal experience for pupils who are interested in careers in leadership and forms of public representation, as questions related mainly to Katherine's career."

Questions ranged from "What made you take up a career in politics? and "Why do we need a women's minister" to more testing questions such as,  "What is your stance on fracking? and "What is the biggest problem facing the Government at this time?" 

Accompanying Katherine was former Priory pupil, Dylan Couperthwaite, who is now her Employed Intern.  Dylan was pleased to be back at his old school and spoke about his journey of moving on to study Politics at Newman College and Lancaster University before spotting the intern opportunity.

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