28 November 2022

Alumni: Class of 2003

Why don't we do these anymore? Class of 2003: A vintage year!

11 November 2022

Alumni: Jemma Oliver (Class of 1997)

Former Priory pupil Jemma Oliver has travelled the world but is now giving back to the community of Penwortham.

10 October 2022

Former pupils return for further maths

LuSoM deliver a talk to top set maths along with former pupils Jack and James.

4 October 2022

Priory's first head prefects head back to school

Priory’s first Head Boy and Girl were reunited after almost 66 years apart and had the chance to meet the incumbents of the posts.

1 July 2022

Class of 2017: Annie Hargreaves

This week we welcomed back our Head Girl from Class of 2017.

19 June 2022

When the past came back to Priory

It was back to school for Priory’s first ever Head Girl and her conclusion on the new-look Priory was ‘it’s amazing’. 

19 May 2022

Alumni leading the way at Institute of Physics event

Priory's alumni were leading the way at the Institute of Physics conference in London

16 May 2022

Meet the teacher - Mr Cox

Mr Cox used to be a pupil at Priory and he says the school is 'unrecognisable' from his early days after returning as a Science teacher earlier this year.

16 May 2022

MFL German - Welcome back Mr Warham

Did you know that we also offer GCSE examinations in other foreign languages at Priory?

2 February 2022

Alumni: Megan & Olivia Grant (Class of 2016)

Happy birthday to 22-year-old Penwortham Priory Academy twins whose birthday was 02-02-22.

28 January 2022

Headteacher's Log - 28 January 1953

History teacher Mr Eccles has revelled in the daily journals to find 'picks' which we will find amusing to read today. How things have changed!

24 January 2022

Alumni: Sonia Taylor (Class of 1955)

We're really excited to be in touch with the daughter of one of our very first Head Girls.

23 November 2021

Libby receives Team GB call up

Class of 2020, pupil, Libby, admitted she almost quit synchronised swimming – but now she has received a call up to the GB World and European squad. 

17 November 2021

Tree planted in memory of former teacher

A tree has been planted in the Priory garden in memory of former teacher, Jean Wragg.

15 November 2021

In memory of...Jack Milner (Class of 2009)

We were saddened to be informed that Jack passed away suddenly on 23 October, aged 28.

1 November 2021

Class of 2021 Celebration Evening & GCSE Certificate Collection

Sadly, due to the rising Covid cases it is not sensible for us to run an ‘in-person’ Celebration Evening this year.

5 October 2021

Alumni - Andy Kolacz (Class of 1990)

Former pupils have a habit of returning to Priory as staff – and Site Supervisor Andy Kolacz is the latest!

19 May 2021

In memory of Mrs Wragg - Strive for the highest

Penwortham Priory Academy will introduce the Jean Wragg ‘Strive for the Highest’ award in memory of former English teacher and Head of Year who died recently.

13 May 2021

Class of 1989 - the staff

This photo was kindly sent to us this week by former English teacher, Mr Hunter.

13 April 2021

Alumni - Carl Walkden (Class of 2009)

Carl left Priory in 2009 and an early enthusiasm for PE led to him to an education in sports, followed by a career in the Army.

15 December 2020

Alumni - Louise Hawkins (Class of 2010)

Whilst at Priory, Louise took part in an experimental education programme and recently her mum got in touch to update us with how things have turned out since she left us a decade ago.

27 November 2020

Alumni - Harry Coyne (Class of 2020)

Former Priory pupil Harry has left home at 16 to pursue his dream of being an American Footballer and also to follow his love of sports journalism.

15 November 2020

Alumni - Jordan North - I'm a Celebrity

Whilst many of you will be tuning in to watch I'm a Celebrity on Sunday night, please look out for one of its stars in particular - former Priory pupil, Jordan North.

8 October 2020

Alumni - Ed Duckworth (Class of 2012)

Ed was the 4th official at last night's televised Women's FA Cup semi final match.

1 October 2020

In memory of...Daniel Appleby (Class of 2002)

The family of Daniel Appleby have brought in this year’s plaque which will be presented to a pupil for friendship and kindness.