25 May 2023

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The English department were thrilled with some of the entries to the Random Reader competition!  Who said reading isn't fun?  

Whether you're up a tree, underwater, on the toilet(!), swinging from a high rope or perched on the plate boundary between Europe and America, reading is always a pleasure.

For the pure scale and drama of the location, the winner is Jane W (Year 9).  She will receive a £20 Waterstone's voucher. Runners up  - Reese L (Year 7), Emily J (Year 9), Jacob R (Year 7), Noah J (Year 7) will receive an English badge for their commitment to their reading.  Even Miss Ackers joined in with the fun with her Kindle during the flight to Iceland recently, proving what a fantastic ambassador for reading she is!

Well done all that entered!

Random Reader Winners - Spring 2023

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