21 June 2023

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Sixty Year 8 pupils were selected by Head of ICT & Computer Science, Mrs Qadri, to take part in an exciting #InspiringLancashire project last Tuesday, funded by BAE Systems. 

Priory was given a 3D printer as part of the link-up and we have worked with CREATE Education to deliver the school-based 3D Printing Workshop Day. Mrs Qadri and Mrs Saunders had taken part in a training day at CREATE Education in Chorley and part of the project was that BAE Systems, through CREATE, will offer 60 Year 8 students a 3D Printing Workshop Day as well as a day of careers advice. 

“BAE Systems want to create more jobs in the future in the Lancashire area and they hope, by training pupils on such items as 3D printers and show how they are used in their business, this will give them an understanding of the careers available to them and the chance to stay in Lancashire for the jobs," said Mrs Qadri. 

“A 3D printer is expensive, around £3,000, so we are delighted to have one in school," she added.

At the Workshop, the pupils designed a mini rocket ship and printed it as well as learning simple CAD/CAM skills.” 

Students were working at a much faster pace than when we ran the event last year and they even managed to personalise their rocket ships with their names.

"I will have a big job to get all their designs 3D printed in different colours over the next few weeks," said Mrs Qadri.

Now that students have developed their design skills, they will also be taking part in an Inspiring Lancashire Challenge Project where they will have to design a prototype product (or a part for a product) that will either: 

  • help in one small way to improve the environment in or around a local waterway (river, canal, lake or sea) or 
  • improve the habitat for one or more species of local wildlife.

Look out for more information about this project in the Autumn term.

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