26 January 2024

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Musicians Excellence and Shivam made use of the school instruments to perform at the Summers Arts Evening last year.

Excellence has taught himself the drums, staying behind after school to use the equipment at Priory.

Shivam has a keyboard at home but practised Coffin Dance (Astronomia) with Excellence over the final few months of the summer term so they could duet at Priory’s special evening. 

The pair, both now in Year 9, knew each other from primary school. 

Excellence said: “I am probably more into sports than music but I have liked drumming since I was young and I got the chance to use the drums at school. I just practised after school and enjoyed it.” 

Shivam said: “I have a keyboard at home so it was harder for Excellence. I have always been interested in the keyboard from a young age. It took us a few months to practise and then perform it. We are taking a break at the moment but we may perform at the next Summer Arts Evening."

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