20 March 2024

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As part of British Science Week, our pupils in Year 7 and Year 8 have taken part in the national poster design competition. The theme this year was 'time'. 

Competition rules set by the organisers of British Science Week stipulate that schools can submit up to five posters. After much deliberation in the Science department, the five pupils who will have their work forwarded to the national competition are: Maya L (Year 8), Katie P (Year 7), Jessica T (Year 7), Molly T (Year 8)  and Ruth W (Year 8).

The overall winner in school was Year 7 Jessica T who based her design around the hourglass. From over a hundred entries that came in, can you see your picture here?

Katie and Jessica posed for a photo along with their prizes.

British Science Week 2024 National Poster Competition

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