15 November 2017

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Year 7 pupil, Rhianne Leach is getting tips off her heroine and has got an exclusive chance to review her new book.
Eleven year old Rhianne is a big fan of author, Ruth Eastham.
Ruth happens to be the sister of Priory’s headteacher, Mr Eastham, and so when ‘The Warrior in the Mist’ landed at the school there was one perfect person to give it the once over.
“I have been a fan since primary school,” said Rhianne. “I went to a book fair and they advertised one of Ruth’s books, which are a mixture of children’s adventure and teen fiction.  I was hooked from that point onwards and I have read all of her books. I would say I am her biggest fan.
“When I came to Priory and found out the author was the headteacher’s sister it was a bit weird but I got the chance to get in touch with Ruth. 
“I want to be a writer myself and I have tried a number of authors who have never got back to me.  So I emailed Ruth and she now edits some of my work and helps me. I was so excited about her new book so to have an early copy has made my day! I am her number one fan.”
Rhianne has written a review of ‘The Warrior in the Mist’, however the book looks very promising after reading this snippet from her review: “I would definitely recommend this book for anyone age 10-13, also anyone with a lot of time on their hands as the hardest thing is having to prise yourself away from it at every crucial point!”