18 January 2018

Joel Gardner is making the grade in his drumming career as he dreams of band stardom.
Joel, 15, has just achieved his Grade 5 in drums and is currently preparing for his Grade 6 exams - the highest grade which can be achieved is Grade 8.
The talented musician can also play the guitar and piano but it’s the drums which are his real love.
“I just love playing the drums as you can improvise more and they obviously make a lot of noise,” said Joel.
“My heroes include Phil Collins from Genesis, Chad Smith from the Red Hot Chilli Peppers, Lars Ulrich from Metallica and Joey Jordison who was in Slipknot.
“I started playing the drums three years ago through a friend and I got drum lessons for my 12th birthday.
“I listen to loads of heavy rock music so I just play it all the time. Luckily I have a soundproof room at home as I have two guitars, an electric drum kit and I play the piano.
“While my mum and dad aren’t particularly musical, my gran used to play the accordion so I think I get my love of musical instruments from her.
“I want to achieve my Grade 8 and hopefully secure a place in a band. That’s my dream.”