8 January 2019

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Dear All

May I take this opportunity to welcome you back following our Christmas and New Year break and to wish you all a happy 2019. 

I hope you each had a relaxing time over the festive period and managed to spend some quality time with friends and family.

You will no doubt be aware by now that we started the last half term with a renewed focus on behaviour. I am very pleased that the feedback from both pupils and staff has been extremely positive in relation to this, particularly with reference to any low level disruption in the classroom being robustly challenged in order that the learning of others is not adversely affected. 

You will see further in this newsletter more detail of our behaviour for learning approach, should you wish to make reference to it.

At the start of this half term, I met with all pupils to focus on rewards. Sometimes, pupils who are punctual, take pride in their appearance and come to school day in, day out, trying their very best and working hard can go unrewarded. Now, with our renewed rewards policy, every pupil has the opportunity to regularly achieve reward points in recognition of their contribution, effort, achievement and progress. These points will be consistently and fairly awarded to each pupil’s individual total throughout the year in a number of ways which are outlined at the end of the newsletter.  Pupils will find out more about this over the course of the coming days, so please do ask them about it.

Finally, parents and guardians of Year 11. Now is the time to support your sons and daughters in putting school work and revision at the top of your priority list. It is important to help our young people get their lifestyle balance right, so please plan with them at home to ensure the balance between their social time and their academic focus is the right one.

All the very best to all for a positive half term.


Mr M Eastham