17 January 2019

We were saddened to announce this week that former Headteacher, Mr Pearce, had passed away on 10 January 2019.

His daughter contacted us to confirm the former Head of Priory High School, as it was known as then, died at his home in Aberdeen, aged 86. 

A graduate of Durham and Nottingham universities, Mr Pearce had a full career teaching geography and providing leadership as head of geography, deputy head and headteacher at schools in the Midlands, Yorkshire and Lancashire. 

His daughter said:  “He talked fondly of his time at Priory and the wonderful staff and pupils he had worked with.  After retiring from teaching Mr Pearce and his wife, Mollie, did a lot of travelling. They moved to Aberdeen in 2005 to be closer to their grandchildren. In the last year or so Mr Pearce suffered from Alzheimer’s and had significant memory loss, although his long term memory always remained good. He could always remember his geography!”

Following the announcement on the school’s alumni pages via Facebook, several former pupils and staff had posted their fond memories of Mr Pearce highlighting that he was always a figure that commanded respect. 

A plaque will be placed in the school’s memorial gardens in remembrance of Priory’s second serving headteacher. 

Photo:  Daughter, Sam Gomersall with Arthur Pearce.