21 January 2019

Year 10 pupil Colin becomes the first this year, nationally, to complete the Tassomai learning app, an intelligent learning programme that helps students achieve outstanding results in Science. 

Science teacher, Mrs Eastham, who leads the project said, “Colin has used Tassomai regularly since we launched it in September and we were very proud to hear he completed the course on Christmas Day. Upon speaking to Tassomai, they said they had not heard of anyone completing the course in this academic year so it is possible Colin is the first.”

Colin speaks very highly of the course and would recommend it as it “constantly refreshes your memory if used on a regular basis” and he believes it will have a significant impact on his exam results next year. 

Tassomai uses multiple choice style micro-quizzes to build knowledge, boost confidence and reduce exam stress.  Targeting each pupil’s weaknesses, it adapts itself to the user and tailors the quizzes accordingly.

Research shows that targeted repetition, done little and often, is the most effective and efficient way to implant knowledge and prepare for exams. 40% of Science GCSE exams are measured against knowledge and recall.  90% of students who used Tassomai regularly achieved a C or higher in 2017 (and 50% got an A or A*), the equivalent of 8 & 9. 

Following the recent national competition, Mrs Eastham was also pleased to see that 16 pupils had took time out to use the application on Christmas Day.

Years 9, 10 and 11 pupils all have a Tassomai log in and are expected to complete their daily goal to get the most out of the course.