16 January 2019

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A stained glass window created by two former students will have pride of place in the school’s new sensory garden – for now.

Stephen Mawson and Alan Napier left Priory in 1990 when it was Priory High School.

They had created the stained glass window with the school’s name and crest on it at Preston College as part of a BTEC qualification during their time in school.

Stephen’s son James left Priory last year while Will is currently in Year 7.

The stained glass window was on display in the school, fixed in a window overlooking the reception, up until two years ago when Priory was double glazed and the window was taken down but had been gathering dust in the art room ever since.  Gardener Mr Farron dug it out recently and has restored it.

“I didn’t know what had happened to the window until I came back into school with my sons,” said Stephen, who is a joiner.

“We used to go to Preston College every Wednesday and did a BTEC in Arts and Crafts. Alan and I created it with bits of glass from the college, it was just a bit of a giggle and something to do, and we just left it at school.

“I didn’t know what had happened to it but when I came back in with my sons, I saw it and said ‘I did that’, it was weird to see it. I never thought about it again really but then I got a call from Priory to say they had found it again and it has been restored.”

Alan is also a joiner by trade and it was his first time back in Priory for around 30 years when he came to look at his restored creation.  “It’s bringing back a lot of memories to see it again,” said Alan. “I am amazed it’s lasted so long. It’s like a time capsule.”

Gardener Mr Farron said: “It was great to rescue it and restore it and we have now made it mobile so it can be moved around school to different areas so that when the sun rises, it can shine through the glass and can be used for different projects.”

Priory student Will said: “I am proud, it’s really cool.”