21 January 2019

Class of 2001 pupil Jonathan Edwards returned to Priory in the hope of inspiring the next generation.

Jonathan is now a lecturer of Computer Science at UCLan and had got in touch with the Head of ICT, Mrs Qadri, to offer his time to talk to pupils about a career in the sector.

Jonathan introduced his talk with a photo of his younger self in Priory uniform, unrecognisable to most pupils until he confirmed who it was.  Jonathan admitted that he felt more nervous speaking at his former school than he did during university lectures.  

Addressing the pupils in Priory’s Hex building, the new ICT & Computer Science facility, Jonathan commented that during his school days there was one computer per class which you were lucky to use more than once a year!  

“Priory gave me the first opportunity to use technology to which I owe much gratitude as this fed into my career,” stated Jonathan.

“Back then my parents weren’t technical so Priory was my first experience of using ICT. It was my favourite subject, but I wasn’t very good at it and was always getting told off!”

Pupils were given an overview of the career routes in computer science, with the first year allowing students to pinpoint their interest and develop core skills before heading into the more specific choices in subsequent years. 

Talking about the topics to study, Jonathan reflected how the courses had changed since his study days when units such as app development and smart phones were not even known of.  However, it is not all technical thinking as Jonathan emphasised the importance of people skills, communication and team working – “the stereotypical nerd working isolation just isn’t true”.  

Before heading off, Jonathan was shown around the site by two pupils which allowed him to reminisce and see for himself how time had changed for him and Priory.