12 February 2019

Priory’s Head of English, Mrs Gidden, has been really impressed with many of our multi-talented pupils lately and wanted to highlight their love of reading while excelling at other pursuits.

This week we interviewed Year 8 pupil, Ellie.

Ellie hopes she has the key to success as she is a talented piano player and an enthusiastic reader.

Ellie is currently engrossed in ‘We Were Liars’ by E. Lockheart.

“It’s about a rich family and their daughter falls in love with someone who doesn’t have the same amount of money and is not as lucky as her,” said Ellie.

“It opens her eyes to the life of ordinary people, the life of people less privileged than herself and she discovers more about herself. It’s really interesting so far.

“I also like Jeff Kinney’s Diary of a Wimpy Kid Series, he just relates to people really well.”

When Ellie isn’t reading, she can be found swimming or playing musical instruments.

“I swim at Nuffield Health Club once a week, I don’t compete, I just enjoy swimming.

“I play a number of instruments including the piano, the keyboard and I am teaching myself the acoustic guitar. I played the piano right through primary school and I got an acoustic guitar given to me so I am just learning how to play that.  I would like to play the electric bass guitar in the future.

“My ambition is to be a lawyer or write books, maybe comedies.”