8 February 2019

Thursday saw four Priory pupils venture off to Runshaw College for an afternoon of activities in Science subjects and to compete to win the Runshaw Science Cup.

The Krypton Factor competition, aimed at gifted and talented Science students, is designed to enable pupils to participate in activities from Biology, Chemistry, Physics and Geology.  The event encouraged students to use their own scientific knowledge to solve problems such as ‘The Hunt’ and ‘CSI Cretaceous’. Students also took part in a forensics investigation using entomology to determine time of death!

Well done to Johnny J, Ben W, Kate H and Olivia T who put in a fabulous effort to take second place on the day.  Science teacher, Miss Conynhgham, who accompanied the pupils said, “The day consisted of three activities; finding chemistry and physics clues, measuring live maggots to be able to work out how long a body had been dead for, and using geology to find out which dinosaur had killed another.  Our team came second and really enjoyed their day.”

The day before saw another group of pupils - Colin C, May R, Ryan S and Imogen K - attend the college’s Forensic Psychology: Offender Profiling Workshop. This hands-on event demonstrated how psychology is used to help identify the likely perpetrator of a crime. It also gave pupils the opportunity to develop their research skills and powers of analysis and evaluation.  A very interesting trip!