7 March 2019

Head of English Mrs Gidden got the whole school involved in World Book Day – and has inspired students to read more.

Mrs Gidden encouraged her English department to tell their classes about their favourite author, their favourite book and why.

“Mine is ‘To Kill a Mockingbird’ and I was so proud as three boys came up to me after asking if they could read it," said Mrs Gidden. “I am passionate about reading and many of our students are as well.”

Every member of staff decorated a door about their favourite book with PE teacher Miss Beesley winning with her ‘Paddington Bear’ door,  a book she reads to her daughter. She had help from Year 10 students Miya and May.

“All the staff embraced it,” said Mrs Gidden. “It did get quite competitive with some not happy with the result! Mr Watters came second with his 'Cold Bath Street' door.

"We also had a ‘Book Face’ quiz as well where students had to guess which teacher was behind the book and this also involved competitive Year 11s dashing around the school to try to get answers!

"The overall winners were Mr Raynor’s form."

Students from Cottam Primary School were also encouraged to read during their trip to Priory.  “It’s a reading collaboration,” said Literacy Co-Ordinator Ms Robinson. “Our Year 7s are listening to the Year 6s read. At the moment they are reading ‘It’s a Beautiful Game’ by Alan Gibbons. It’s to encourage literacy and a love of reading.”