5 July 2019

On Wednesday night we welcomed our new intake of pupils and their parents, with the children returning yesterday in their primary school uniforms for their full sampling day.

During the evening parents were introduced to key staff in the Assembly Hall whilst pupils headed to the Auditorio to meet their Progress Leaders and future classmates.  Year 7 pupils Sara and Maya spoke about their first year at Priory and how they felt on their first day which helped to settle the new starters. 

Thursday saw over 170 new pupils return for their induction day looking apprehensive, perhaps nervous, however after ice-breaker ‘getting to know you’ activities, smiling faces soon began to appear.  

First on their timetable was sampling lessons in core subjects English, Maths and Science.  

Mrs Farley, Transition & Integration Manager said, “In the morning we had some very nervous children but by break time there were lots of smiles which was also due to the fantastic support from the Year 7 helpers who all made the pupils feel very welcome.”

The afternoon saw the Year 7 helpers take them on a tour of the school before the new starters regrouped to the Assembly Hall for a ‘wind-down’ quiz and a final talk from Headteacher, Mr Eastham. 

There were some exhausted but more relaxed young people by the end of the day!

Pupils were each given a ‘first day’ letter from Mrs Farley to take home.  Parents have already been sent an induction handbook.  Further copies are available to download from the school website at >> https://www.priory.lancs.sch.uk/about-priory/transition

We look forward to meeting the children again when they begin their learning at Penwortham Priory Academy on Tuesday, 3 September. Further enquiries in the meantime can be emailed to l.farley@priory.lancs.sch.uk.

Thank you to the Year 7 pupils who welcomed our new pupils so warmly yesterday:  

Lily T, Connie G, Maya P, Paige G, Libby K, Macy W, Alfie C, Jack T, Connor M, Bessy F, Sara T, Kayla W, Ben M, Lewis C, Zayd V, Paige H, Connie J, Scarlett J, Aaron W, Louis W.