12 July 2019

On Wednesday, our Year 9 Sparks pupils were treated to a Masterclass day hosted by West Lancashire College in Skelmersdale. Pupils chose three workshops to study on the day, according to their areas of interest. 

Sessions touched on all areas of the curriculum such as Incredible Minds (how the brain works), Game Theory (analysis of making strategic decisions) and Literature as a Form of Social Protest.  Each was delivered by staff from the schools in attendance including Priory’s Sparks Co-ordinator, Mr Taylor’s Experimenting with Melodies.

Mr Taylor said, “This event was an opportunity for our Gifted, Talented & Able pupils to experience a flavour of learning beyond that of GCSE.  Pupils found the day interesting, challenging and engaging; an inspiring day for all!”

Attendees: Adam B, Erin C, Taylor D, Louis F, Dan G, Rebecca J, Zack L, Logan M, Robyn W, Jamie W.