12 December 2019

Following the end of the consultation process to make slight changes to the end of the school day, we thank those that may have responded.


The consultation has now closed and it is confirmed that from Monday 6 January 2020, following the Christmas break, school will finish at 3.10pm rather than 3.20pm.


Out of the responses received, the vast majority (92%) were in favour of the change.


Whilst we are not able to respond to every query, we have considered the feedback and as such, break and lunch will be shortened by just 5 minutes each rather than 10 minutes for either. This means that our morning and lunch breaks remain similar to those of other South Ribble schools and will continue to allow our pupils space, time and opportunities for a range of non-curricular and extra-curricular activities as well as sufficient time to eat and socialise with friends. Also, since September, we have put in place a new system in the dining room which means pupils have been able to visit the dining room and get their food within 20-25 minutes.


There will be no change to the beginning of the day, timings of lessons or any other aspect of the day.


Once again, any pupils who may need to stay in school until 3.20pm can continue to do so by going to our Learning Centre which will be open for them and any pupil involved in intervention after school can still be picked up at 4.30pm should you so wish, as is currently the case.


May we take this opportunity to wish you all the very best for the Christmas and New Year break when it comes and to thank you again for your understanding and cooperation.