11 December 2019

Report by Miss Howell, Lead Teacher for Drama

Last Thursday pupils had the opportunity to take part in a workshop and watch a musical that students from Newman College had devised. 

Rags to Riches was inspired by the hit musical ‘Spend Spend Spend’. It's based around a woman who had won the lottery and spent it all, without a care or a thought about the future. Her and her husband soon realised they had no money and they hit hard times. The plot was advanced with singing and dancing, it was full of energy and refreshing to see the talent that is coming through this generation.

Before the performance, our pupils took part in a workshop run by Katie Beard, course co-ordinator at Newman. They learnt about spatial awareness, physical theatre and vocal warm-ups.

Vocal warm-ups are an integral part of any musical theatre performer. Pupils were asked to go up the scale singing in numbers.  Sounds easy? I’m sure the pupils wouldn’t agree! Even though this was difficult, all pupils persevered, showing great determination. 

Pupils found physical theatre easier and there were lots of laughing as they were asked to create items out of their bodies - from spinning washing machines to a unicycle, yes, a unicycle! This was by far one of the funniest things we had seen. 

Thank you to all pupils that took part, you were a credit to Priory and yourselves. Thank you to Miss Beesley for organising such a great opportunity and a massive thank you to Katie Beard and the students of Newman College for giving up your time and putting on a spectacular performance.

Pupils attending the session were selected for their interest in dance, drama and singing, and may find the workshop valuable in helping them choose their options later on the year.