13 February 2020

Year 9 pupils at Priory have brought history to life by learning all about Anne Frank – and they are teaching it themselves to the younger year groups.

Anne Frank Educational Trust has set up an exhibition at Priory where pupils can learn about what happened to Anne during World War II but also relate the issues then to nowadays.

Anne, a Jew, wrote a diary when hiding from the Nazi's in 1942 before she died in Bergen-Belsen concentration camp in 1944. Her diary showed the impact of prejudice and hatred on individual lives – a lesson still applicable today.

A group of Year 9 pupils have learnt all about Anne's life from Molly-Mae Smith, the North-West Project Officer at the Anne Frank Educational Trust and now they are tour guides at the exhibition in the Hex Building.

Lead Teacher for History Mr Eccles said: "I worked with the Anne Frank Educational Trust at my previous school and I saw how pupils engaged with the topic when it was taught in this way.  We have been studying the history of the Nazi's before Christmas and are now studying their persecution of the Jewish people and the messages of discrimination and tolerance.  It's a different way of learning history - it's not just teacher-led, the pupils have been taught it themselves and they are teaching it to others."

Year 9 Josie said: "I may take GCSE History so doing this has helped to increase my knowledge of that period. I knew some of the story of Anne Frank before but I have learnt a lot more since I started being a guide."

Logan said: "I like history, especially the World War II period. I learnt more about Anne Frank's origins, her family and going to Germany and it's good to pass the knowledge on."

Lara added: "It's such a sad story, there is no happy ending. I admire how courageous Anne was and how she fought for her rights. I like having the chance to make sure everyone understands it and learns lessons today from it."

Year 9 Historians:

Umar M, Seb C, Jazmin A, Rhianne L, Emily B, Logan McA, James M, Josie M, Lara M, Darcy C, Eleanor H, Lydia H, Libby W, Cora P, Keira M, Jacob D