14 February 2020

Even when children are little they get asked "What do you want to do when you grow up?" So, on Thursday, Priory organised an event to get its youngest pupils thinking about what they really might like to do.

Throughout the day, Year 7 pupils moved on a carousel basis through interactive sessions with the Army, NHS, the Fire & Rescue Service, Energy Quest and Explore Learning.  
The Army focussed on communications and team building, with pupils asked to work in teams to build a communications tower as quickly as they could by following instructions and only using the components provided.  

Energy Quest spoke about designing and critical thinking, leading on to careers in engineering and STEM subjects (Science Technology, Engineering & Maths).  Pupils watched a short presentation before being set challenges.

Pupils became travel agents with Explore Learning as they used Maths to work to a budget to put together customer holiday packages.  There was lots of problem solving as they produced costings for the best routes, flights and accommodation.

The 'Step into the NHS' competition had pupils investigating careers with the UK's largest employer, looking at what skills and qualifications each might need. Pupils came up with some super imaginative artwork to advertise their careers.

The NHS tutor said: "It is always interesting to see which of the 350+ NHS careers really inspire the pupils".

Pupils took part in interactive presentations with the Fire Service, looking at what happens during cold water shock in open water.   The instructor demonstrated what you should and shouldn't do to help someone who is in difficulty, if you are drowning and how the ability to hold your breath is affected during the panic.

Further careers events are planned for Year 8 (5 May) and Year 10 (27 March).  

Year 10 pupils will also be undertaking their work experience w/c 30 March.