7 May 2020

Priory’s Head of English, Mrs Gidden, has been really impressed with many of our multi-talented pupils and wanted to highlight their love of reading while excelling at other pursuits.

Before the school closure we interviewed Year 7 pupil, Jack.
Jack’s favourite author is Rick Riordan – and he is currently working his way through the books by the author as Rick has written more than 20!

“I was in Year 5 and my friend was reading one of Rick Riordan’s books so he got me into them. I got some of them for Christmas.

“I enjoy them, they are about Greek gods and monsters and people do quests. They are exciting and there are a lot of surprises such as a random monster attacking a ship!

“There are a lot of Rick Riordan’s books to read and I do like adventure and mystery.”

As well as reading, Jack likes numbers as he attends Maths Club every Wednesday lunch-time and he does admit his favourite subject is Maths (don’t tell Mrs Gidden!)

“I want to be a mechanic or an engineer when I grow up,” added Jack.