11 May 2020

For their Art lessons, pupils have been asked to draw their given theme demonstrating use of pencil by presenting tonal drawings, line drawings and cross hatching pieces. They also have the option of using other materials they have at home too. 
Year 7 are focusing on Personal Objects | Year 8 Preston Architecture | Year 9 Food & Drink | Year 10 are investigating their own themes. Pupils have been sent links to YouTube videos demonstrating techniques, to improve their outcomes.

Fantastic effort from: Year 7 Lucy B H7, Emmie P H2, Lewis T H7, Year 8 William C D2, Maya P D4, Sara T C4, Alfie B H6, Ceri D C1, Curtis H R4 (The Belvedere, Avenham Park, inspired by a Preston illustrator), Leo S D2 (who took his inspiration from Preston Cenotaph), Year 9 Erin W D2, Erin M H7, Rhianne L D4, Reuban K D1, Lara M R5, Libby W R5.

Art Work