14 September 2020

Join the Maths Department and sign up to Parallel, a collection of mathematical challenges designed to stretch your brain and make your neurons more squiggly!

These weekly challenges are interesting, fun and challenging maths that go beyond the classroom: mystery and history, activities and oddities, puzzles and problems.

Sign up and each week, on Thursday, you can access a new Parallelogram for your year group - random mysteries of mathematics. Be prepared to encounter all sorts of weird ideas, including some questions that have nothing to do with mathematics.  Each Parallelogram should take just 15 minutes to complete each.

As soon as you hit the SUBMIT button, you will be able to see the answers as well as your score. It does not really matter what score you get, because the main thing is that you think hard about the problems... and then examine the solution sheet to learn from your mistakes.

Interested pupils of any year group should email Mr Kenrick, Head of Maths at p.kenrick@priory.lancs.sch.uk for the joining code. Pupils can then login to the site each Thursday for a new challenge.

There are enamel badges for members and certificates for participation can be won!

To find out more, go to >> https://parallel.org.uk/introduction  

Tags: Maths