14 July 2021

Mr Henshaw appointed to north west Maths hub leadership role

Priory’s Assistant Head of Maths, Mr Henshaw, is sharing his skills with schools in the North West after he was appointed to the role of Assistant Maths Hub Lead from September.

6 July 2021

Maths pupils going for gold in national competition

Two Year 8 pupils are in the top five per cent of mathematicians in their age group in the country after celebrating gold in the first round of the UKMT Junior Maths Challenge.

24 May 2021

Maths put Year 7 and 8 pupils to the challenge

Priory’s most able pupils have entered a national competition to test their maths skills.

4 December 2020

A puzzling time for Year 11 maths

Mr Henshaw’s Crypto Club is once again hoping to de-code their way to become national champions.

6 November 2020

How's it all adding up in the Maths department?

Head of Maths, Mr Kenrick, has said big advancements have been made in his department – and the results prove it!

14 September 2020

Join the Parallel maths project

Sign up to Parallel, a collection of mathematical challenges designed to stretch your brain and make your neurons more squiggly!