13 November 2020

Following on from the Great Reading Race which took place at the end of the half term, we called in to see Year 9's winning class this morning.

Class 9W2 banked an impressive 353,000 words during w/c 19 October and so, for their reward they got to enjoy milk and cookies during their AR reading session with Mrs Robinson-Ali today.

Head of English, Mrs Gidden, said, "It's wonderful to see the competitiveness between the classes. The 'race' is never dominated by any particular class so it's really pleasing to see that all of them equally have their chance - so keep on reading!"

Well done to them and also to the other three year groups that deserved their treat - 7E3, 8E2 and  10E1.

Pupils will ‘race’ again at the end of the Autumn term.

The Great Reading Race Winning Class - November 2020

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