1 December 2020

Priory’s Equality & Diversity Club was set up by Year 8 pupil India on a subject she feels passionately about. 
The group meet every Wednesday lunchtime in the Assembly Hall under the guidance of English teacher, Miss Smith and Science teacher, Miss Deeley. 
“I started this as I wanted a safe space to talk about equality and diversity and also to do things for the school," said India. 

"I know about discrimination in this country, two of my siblings are both gay and I have heard people speak against them. I have friends who are bi-sexual and it’s important everyone is treated equally.  I have ideas to improve school, such as special days to raise awareness, and badges and posters so people know about it. 
“Sometimes people say things and don’t realise they are being discriminatory or homophobic so it’s important to raise the issues surrounding it. 
“I asked to start the club and the teachers got involved and a few of my friends wanted to join and now there is a big group of us. It’s pupil-led but the staff do help us with tips and ideas.” 
Miss Smith said: “India emailed us about setting up the club and, within two days, it was up and running.  It’s a very driven group, they are passionate about equality and it’s great to see pupils get so involved and be so motivated. They are currently designing a badge for their club.” 

Head of Learning for Life at Priory, Mrs Hopes, said: "Equality and diversity is something pupils are becoming increasingly confident and comfortable talking about in and around school, over the last few years. It is great that pupils have now created a group where they can discuss topics and experiences, with likeminded people who feel the same or who have had the same experiences. I am sure with Miss Smith's and Miss Deeley's guidance, the group will introduce strategies which will increase discussion around equality and diversity, and will further enhance the support mechanisms we already have in school.
Year 8 pupils are welcome to join the lunch club in the Assembly Hall on Wednesdays – just turn up!
If any other year groups want to set up their own Equality & Diversity Club like this one, please see Miss Smith or email n.smith@priory.lancs.sch.uk.

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