14 December 2020

Head of English Mrs Gidden has a temporary new Assistant Head as Mrs Webster will be stepping into the shoes of Mrs Robinson-Ali when she goes on maternity leave at the end of this term. 

Mrs Webster was Head of English at Hodgson Academy in Poulton-Le-Fylde, where she had worked for around 12 years, but stepped down to look after her two young boys. She joined Priory 18 months ago and is reunited with Mrs Gidden. 

Mrs Gidden said: “Mrs Webster did some work with my previous school when we changed examining boards to AQA in 2015; Her department was heralded as flagship for AQA and results at the time so I went there to pick her brains and she was really helpful in that transition period. 

“I am excited to be working closely with Mrs Webster. We also went to the same high school, I was a year older, and I got in touch with her again at Hodgson Academy when I was looking to become Head of Department myself. 

“Mrs Webster gave me advice when I applied for this role at Priory and we have always sung from the same hymn sheet. When she applied for the teaching post at Priory in 2019, I remembered the positive working experience we had, and the rest is history!”

We want an exciting curriculum and we want it to be delivered with enthusiasm. She will carry on the good work started by Mrs Robinson-Ali.” 

Mrs Webster said: “It feels an exciting opportunity for me. It’s a temporary position so I have time to find my feet in the role but I am excited to have the responsibility. 

“Mrs Robinson-Ali has done a fantastic job and I will be continuing her hard work. 

“Anyone who knows me, knows I love a competition. 

“There will be a speech competition next week which we run most years although it will be held slightly differently this year. 

“There will also be a poetry competition after Christmas. 

“We will try and put some trips in place, we hope to go to Clitheroe Castle in conjunction with the History curriculum, and will be continuing the Accelerated Reader scheme, it’s exciting to encourage the love of reading.

“We will also be piloting a new scheme of learning. Mrs Robinson-Ali started it and I will be picking it up so it’s nice we have worked together on this.” 

Mrs Robinson-Ali begins her maternity leave next Friday, 18 December and says she is "happy to be leaving the role in the most capable hands!"



Image: Mrs Robinson-Ali who starts her maternity leave on Fri, 18 December.

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