17 December 2020

A few weeks back, Year 7 pupils were set a challenge to build their own Motte and Bailey Castle with whatever resources they could get their hands on at home.

This week's deadline saw many fantastic entries.  Organiser of the competition, Miss Ackers, along with her fellow Humanities teacher, Miss Makinson, had the most difficult time selecting the winners.  

Miss Ackers commented, "They were all outstanding and I could tell pupils had put a lot of time, research and imagination into them - there was so much detail!  The challenge was voluntary so I was also pleased to see all the entries come in - the enthusiasm from this year group has amazed me."

It was a tough decision but in the end the winners were:

1st place - Kacper G (7E1) | 2nd place - Kaycee M (7E3) | 3rd place - Elise B (7E1)

Kacper wins high street shop voucher plus chocs and the two runners took home Horrible Histories books and chocolates.

Pictures show some of the other magnificent entries.  Well done to all who took part:  

Keshav C
Thomas & Archie R
Sophia S
Geetha D-R
William B
Alessia S
Zayd Z
Yusuf B
Daniel McC
Emily J
Amelia S
Abbie S
Jane W

Year 7 Castle Competition Entries


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