5 May 2022

Year 11 Helmsley Residential Trip

A Year 11 group of 30 pupils travelled by minibus for a superb long weekend to a wonderful youth hostel at Helmsley, North Yorkshire.

31 March 2022

When English and History collide to make great impact - part 2

The History and English Departments are working together again and it’s a subject that has got pupils gripped – a serial killer.

30 March 2022

Year 8 do history their own way

Year 8 pupils have been tasked with researching and creating a presentation on whatever part of history interests them.

17 March 2022

Anne Frank exhibition brings the past to the present

Priory pupils know that the story of Anne Frank is as relevant today as it was in the 1940s – and they have been learning more about it.

10 February 2022

Humanities get work rewarded with new postcard

There will be new Humanities rewards postcards sent out next term!

17 November 2021

Design the Humanities' praise postcard

Would you like the chance to have your design put in print as the new Humanities praise postcard?

31 May 2021

English and History collide to make great impact

The Tier 3 words and facts about the conflict pupils are learning in History are being used in Mrs Gidden’s creative language lessons about the period and it’s producing work in both subjects of a high standard. 

5 May 2021

Year 8 pupil brings his story to life in History

Year 8 pupil Cyrus brought history to life by showing off his great-grandad’s medals from World War II.

17 December 2020

Year 7 castle competition

A few weeks back, Year 7 pupils were set a challenge to build their own Motte and Bailey Castle with whatever resources they could get their hands on at home.

12 June 2020

Time capsule competition

Today we would like to launch a competition for Priory pupils to put forward items to be placed into the capsule.