11 March 2021

Living the high-life!

Thank You!!  What an amazing week of life photography submissions! Thank you for all of your entries, ranging from flowers in your gardens, to wildlife to real life action shots of you out and about. 

We had so many entries this week that I couldn’t just pick three, so I have decided to pick a bumper six pictures as it’s the final week of the photo competition for the time being.  I have really enjoyed seeing your photographs and thank you for sharing.

Personally, this week, there are a couple of winning entries close to my heart.  A beautiful chocolate labrador who reminds me so much of my own choccy lab, Bruno.  Secondly, a marsupial native to Rottnest Island, just south of Perth in Australia – an island I visited just over two years ago.  The Quokka may be a marsupial you have never heard of, but in essence, it’s a small short-tailed wallaby with a short face, round ears, and some tree-climbing ability, native to Western Australia. Truly unique!

I would like to take this opportunity to thank Mrs Yates who edits the newsletter, as every week she has worked hard to make sure that the Priory Photo Competition looks great and that the pictures are at the forefront of the articles.  

Thank you.

Mr Metcalfe
Head of Humanities

So … for the final time (for now) … your six winning entries this week are:

Lucy B (Yr 8) – Cheeky Robin
Emily B (Yr 10) – Quokkas on Rottnest Island, Australia
Emily J (Yr 7) – Chocolate Lab
Jack J (Yr 8) – Bird of Prey
Eloise G (Yr 7) - Ladybird
Will J (Yr 10) – Skaterboy

Photo Competition - Week 4 Life